CASA is consulting

CASA is architects, constructing architect and client advisors who truly care for their profession- consulting about building and architecture. Our task is to use our experience to bring out a clear architectonic quality in each project.

Architecture is for people - as important as it is mutable. We are committed to balancing beauty, longevity, human relations and functionality with the environment and context.

Sustainability as a term is not new to CASA. For us it means shaping a coherent space that facilitates human interaction, a conscious choice of construction methods and materials and an awareness of construction costs as well as lifecycle costs.

It’s been said that one should set a concise goal for a company’s work. We cannot, we have set many: good architecture, lasting functionality and joy in the creative process- all while providing reliable and trustworthy service to our clients. We are responsible for a good result - every time.


  • Founding Partners:
  • Birgit Rasmussen
  • Poul Qvist Hansen




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